Football players with the same name as a composer

Who has never heard a sports commentator describe a player as "the Mozart of football"? Or liken a player to an "orchestra conductor"? Read on for the dream team of unlikely homonyms!

Football players with the same name as a composer
Photo ©Getty Image / Montage France Musique

After a lengthy search around the globe and sometimes even back in time, we have tracked down the real midfield Ravel and the Chopin who stopped penalty kicks, to form a team made up of composers. All of these players actually exist: we have simply taken the liberty of inventing a life for them where music and football can have fun together.

Beethoven Javier

Position: Retired defender
Club: Defensor Sporting Club (Uruguay) from 1975 to 1980
Nationality: Uruguayan
Age: 69
Height and weight: Not available
Further information: Heroic but never pathetic, even in defeat. He always dreamed of wearing jersey number 9.

Simone Verdi

Position: Forward
Current club: Carpi FC 1909 (Italy)
Nationality: Italian
Age: 23
Height and weight: 1.71m, 61kg
Further information: His playing is fickle, like a feather in the wind. You'd be silly to trust it, even for a minute. 

Junior Santos Batista Mozart

Position: Midfielder
Current club: AS Livourne Calcio (Italy)
Nationality: Brazilian, Polish
Age: 36
Height and weight: 1.74m, 72kg
Further information: After being spotted by the Juventus de Turin at the age of 2, he scored his first goal at 4. His dribbling is perfect. 

Luca Paganini

Position: Forward
Current club: Frosinone Calcio (Italy)
Nationality: Italian
Age: 22
Height and weight: 1.77m, 70kg
Further information: His highly flexible technique is quite simply irreproachable. He is beyond a doubt the future father of modern football. 

Giuseppe Rossini

Position: Forward
Current club: FC Progrès Niederkorn (Luxembourg)
Nationality: Italian, Belgian
Age: 29
Height and weight: 1.93m, 80kg
Further information: Since letting his beard grow, he's been spotted by the Seville FC. Transfer planned for next season.


Ravel Morrison

Position: Midfielder
Current club: Lazio Rome (Italy)
Nationality: English
Age: 23
Height and weight: 1.75m, 71kg
Further information: Famed for his nutmeg and spin moves, his technique merits a concerto for the left foot.

Sandro Wagner

Position: Forward
Current club: SV Darmstad 98 (Germany)
Nationality: German
Age: 28
Height and weight: 1.94m, 90kg
Further information: He's got it all. In Germany, they call him the master footballer of Nuremberg. 

Cédric Fauré

Position: Forward
Current club: Royal Antwerp Football Club (Belgium)
Nationality: French
Age: 37
Height and weight: 1.87m, 83kg
Further information: His favourite players are Pelé and Mélis. Football is his religion; the stadium his church.

Dylan Vivaldi

Position: Midfielder
Current club: Toulouse FC
Nationality: French
Age: 20
Height and weight: 1.87m, 72kg
Further information: We really hope he will do more than four seasons in his professional career.

Jean Chopin

Position: Goalkeeper
Current club: KV Ostende (Belgium)
Nationality: French
Age: 21
Height and weight: 1.95m, 90kg
Further information: His playing sometimes lacks polish, but is full of fantasy and variations.

Bonus - Mathieu Debuchy

Position: Defender
Current club: Arsenal FC
Nationality: French
Age: 30
Height and weight: 1.77m, 77kg
Further information: He wasn't chelected to play for Franche in the Euro: he’sh just not defenshive enough.