Franz Schubert: Trio in E flat major op.100 D 929 (excerpt) - Andante con moto

Duration : 10 minutes

Catherine Cournot (piano), Ana Millet (violin), and Renaud Guieu (cello), perform the Piano trio no.2 op.100 by Franz Schubert. Excerpt from the Barry Lyndon Tribute Concert, recorded live on 17 March at the Radio France Auditorium.

Whereas Haendel's Sarabande is used at both of the film's extremities, the Trio in E flat major by Schubert is heard exactly halfway through the film (at 1 hour and 28 minutes of the 2 hour and 56 minute film), a work whose shadow looms over the loveless marriage between Barry and Lady Lyndon. Whereas Handel's music signifies the death and failure of Barry, Schubert's music represents the melancholy of Lady Lyndon.

Schubert's "divine lengths" that so impressed Robert Schumann have never been so well translated visually as during the seduction scene between Lady Lyndon and Barry and their game of cards under a surreal moonlight. Slow movements, silent and fleeting glances, brief moments of physical contact... a meeting of two souls during a magical night, everything is suggested by a slowing down of the intrigue and a strong musical accentuation. Time freezes during the melancholic music, hinting at the difficulties that Barry and Lady Lyndon eventually encounter in the second half of the film, torn apart by hate, infidelity, greed, and the Irishman's ambitious nature.

Barry Lyndon Tribute Concert (Stanley Kubrick)
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Barry Lyndon Tribute Concert (Stanley Kubrick)
Auditorium de la Maison de la Radio, Paris
Franz Schubert
Franz Schubert
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