Franck Bedrossian: "Vayehi Erev Vayehi Boker" (Day Three) conducted by Matthias Pintscher

Duration : 11 minutes

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Ensemble intercontemporain conducted by Matthias Pintscher performs "Vayehi Erev Vayehi Boker" (Day Three) by Franck Bedrossian. Live recording on March 30, 2017 at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Contemporary music is not known for its tonality. In this style, the shrieking highs and barking stops of Franck Bedrossian’s Vayehi Erev Vayehi Boker paint the image of how God pulled the land together on the third day of creation. 

Debuted on the 30th March 2017, Bedrossian’s piece is the third of seven works commissioned by the Ensemble Intercontemporain and the Philharmonie de Paris to mark 220 years since Joseph Haydn wrote The Creation. Dare to stand amongst the awesome sounds of the Earth taking shape.

The Ensemble intercontemporain performs seven world premieres based on the Genesis
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The Ensemble intercontemporain performs seven contemporary creations on the seven days of Creation
Concert Hall, Philharmonie 2, Paris
Franck Bedrossian
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  • Matthias PintscherConductor
  • Ensemble IntercontemporainOrchestra