Carl Orff : Carmina Burana conducted by Sofi Jeannin

Duration : 1 heure 7 minutes

Sofi Jeannin conducts Carmina Burana for the 70th anniversary of the Radio France Choir. With the Maîtrise de Radio France and soloists Karen Harnay, Nicolae Hategan, and Mark Pancek. Recorded on 8 April 2018 at the Auditorium of Radio France (Paris).

Who has not already heard the famous “O Fortuna” that opens and closes Carmina Burana? Its iconic hammered and sung rhythms leave no listener indifferent. 

In 1934, Carl Orff discovered a collection of around 200 poems entitled Carmina Burana, dating back to the Medieval Period, written for the most part in Vulgar Latin, Middle High German and Old French. A year later, strongly influenced by these texts describing love, wine, dancing, all whilst denouncing the excesses of the Church and power, the composer began composing his own Carmina Burana

Its title, translated as “Songs of Beuren”, is a reference to Benediktbeuern, a Bavarian abbey where the medieval manuscript was discovered in 1803. The musical work is divided into 25 episodes, split into three distinct themes: Primo vere (Spring), In taberna (In the tavern), and Cour d’amours (Court of Love). 

From its very first performance in Frankfurt in 1937, Carmina Burana was met with great success. The work struck audiences with its theatricality, its unique nature, and stylistic diversity, including Gregorian chant, German polyphonic music, drinking songs, Russian folklore and even several Oriental influences, as explained by Hélène Pierrakos. 

Sofi Jeannin, musical director of the Choeur de Radio France
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Carl Orff : Carmina Burana conducted by Sofi Jeannin
Auditorium de la Maison de la Radio
Carl Orff
Carl Orff
All artists
  • Sofi JeanninChoirmaster
  • Maîtrise de Radio FranceChoir
  • Choeur de Radio FranceChoir
  • Karen HarnayPerformer
  • Mark PancekPerformer
  • François DesforgesPerformer
  • Didier BenettiPerformer