Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 conducted by Bernard Haitink

Duration : 1 heure 6 minutes

The Orchestre National de France conducted by Bernard Haitink performs the Symphony No. 9 in D minor of Anton Bruckner. Live recorded on the 23rd of February 2015 at the Auditorium de la Maison de la Radio (Paris).

Bruckner never got the chance to hear his Symphony No. 9, which remained unfinished. Suffering from a pleurisy, the composer died before he could write the last notes to the Finale. The movement was taken over and completed by musicologists of the 20th century. Bruckner himself had recommended his Te Deum to be repeated in the last movement. However, it is the original version (without Finale) that was created in Munich in 1932 that subsisted.

This final and ninth symphony found its inspiration the composer’s whole repertoire. “Here, the musical citing density seems to condense the wholeness of an existence” Hélène Cao points out. Therefore we can hear the echoes of excerpts from The Mass in D minor, The Mass in F minor, as well as from the fifth, seventh and eighth symphonies. As if Brucker knew he was going to let his ninth symphony unfinished, he wrote a chorus within the third movement bearing the inscription Abschied vom Leben (Farewell to life).

  1. Feierlich misterioso
  2. Scherzo - Trio
  3. Adagio
Bernard Haitink conducts Bruckner and Mozart
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The Orchestre National de France performs Bruckner and Mozart with clarinist Patrick Messina
Auditorium, Maison de la Radio, Paris
Anton Bruckner
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