Ultim'Asonata And Alain Savouret

An evening of electro-acoustical exploration

Salle des fêtes, Vandoeuvre Les Nancy

Join Alain Savouret and Ultim’Asonata for a special Musique Action No.33 event featuring five electrically-enhanced instrumentalists. Reimagining themselves as "blowing tools” the performers seek to create new sounds live as they respond to the direction of composer Alain Savouret. 

The concert is, for the most part, improvised and only uses a few scored sections to bring to a close previous explorations by the performers and to allow the conductor to point them in a new direction of discovery. While not always easy listening, this contemporary concert will certainly open the eyes of any new listener to contemporary electrical-acoustic music. Along side musical director Alain Savouret is Yannick Herpin on clarinet, Violaine Gestalder on saxophone, Noëmie Lapierre on clarinet, Gaspar Hoyos on flute and Aurélien Pouzet-Robert on oboe. Come on this journey of discovery with Alain Savouret and Ultim’Asonata.