Sylvain Rifflet "Mechanics" At Jazz Sous Les Pommiers, 2015

A unique performance by a unique quartet

Salle M Hélie, Coutances, Manche

Sylvian Rifflet’s band takes inspiration from many of the great contemporary composers. Fleeting references to Steve Reich, Moondog, Philip Glass and Terry Riley can be heard throughout this concert at Jazz Sous Les Pommiers. 

Rifflet’s sound is hypnotic, dreamlike and experimental. At some points it is unassuming, like the score to a a contemporary art film. At other times much more blatantly jazz-centred and the focus of attention. Rifflet and his bandmates—Joce Menniel, Philip Giordiani and Benjamin Flament—play a very eclectic mix of instruments. A flute, kalimba, percussion, guitar, saxophone and clarinet are used by all at various points (and in various ways) to curate the unique sounds of this award-winning quartet. As so much of each performance is improvised, every concert by this group is a one-of-a-kind experience. Have a listen to this one-off wonder.