Satie, Scriabine, Mompou And Debussy By Guillaume Coppola At The Musée D’Orsay

Painting pictures with the piano

Auditorium, Musée Orsay, Paris

The works collated in this concert all seek to create images within the listener’s mind. Indeed, it contains some of the works of the finest composer of the Impressionist era, Claude Debussy, and one of the most famous minimalist composers of the 20th Century, Federico Mompou. The concert begins with en excerpt from Mompou’s Musica Callada Book I. Next is Prelude for Piano in A Minor 65 by Maurice Ravel, followed by a second Mompou piece, Prelude No. 5. Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie comes after, then the Piano Prelude in E flat Minor Op. 16 No. 4 by Alexandre Scriabine is played. Another Mompou piece comes next: the Música Callada No. 15. After, we hear Uninterrupted Rests by Toru Takemitsu and Gnossienne No. 5 by Erik Satie. Impresiones Intimas No. 3 by Federico Mompou is followed by Claude Debussy’s most famous and loved work, Claire de Lune. Another Música Callada extract by Mompou comes next (No. 24), after which we hear Spanish Dance Op. 37 No. 2 “Oriental" by Enrique Granados. Prelude No. 7 by Federico Mompou comes before Prelude No. 12 "Feux d'artifice" by Claude Debussy. Finally, The Fountain and the Bell” by Federico Mompou rounds off the concert. Enjoy this excellent opportunity to obsessive the vivid pictures created by the pianist Guillaume Coppola.