Porpora, Vivaldi And Pergolesi By The Cappella Gabetta Ensemble At The Royal Chapel Of Versailles

A range of religious songs

Chapelle Royale, Versailles

The Royal Chapel of Versailles is certainly an appropriate setting for this selection of religious songs for choir, strings and harpsichord. The concert begins with Giovanni Benedetto Platti’s Concerto Grosso No.10 in F Major. Benedetto Platti was an inspiration to Elgar, and one can see the evidence for this in his Concerto Grosso No. 10. Gennaro Manna’s Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary takes the form of a prayer uttered over music to encourage focus and peace. Angelo Ragazzi’s Four Sonatas in G Major Op. 1 No. 8 is heard next. This work begins with a lilting and evolving melody which dissolves into a slower string part. This form repeats over the course of the four sonatas. After this Nicola Porpora’s Salve Regina in F Major is followed by Antonio Vivaldi’s Salve Regina in G minor RV 618. The concert comes to a close with Giovanni Battista Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, an impressive piece among the best known of religious music. Come into the chapel to hear these wonderful works.