The Piano, Multiplied: Alexandre Tharaud, Alexander Melnikov and Aleksandar Madzar At The Philharmonie de Paris

A celebration of Rachmaninoff at the Philharmonie de Paris

Salle des concerts, Philharmonie 2, Paris

Rachmaninoff had such huge hands that often performers have to split the chords in two and play them in quick succession. Only the fastest and most dexterous performers can play Rachmaninoff’s works as they were originally scored. Luckily for the concert-goers at the Cité de la Musique, the three Alexanders performing his works successfully tackle the Russian composer’s works with flare and gusto. Firstly, we hear extracts from Rachmaninoff’s Six Pieces for Four Hands Op. 11. This full and boisterous work is an engaging piece which, even for Rachmaninoff, is extremely loud! Next, extracts from his Ten Preludes for Piano Op. 23 are played, which feature Rachmaninoff’s signature compositional quirks. Finally, all three performers join together to play Rachmaninoff’s Two Pieces for Six-Handed Piano. While many might expect a loud and crashing piece, the dry wit of the composer meant the work is surprisingly supple and delicate. See the many hands at work recreating the great Russian composer’s works.