Bernstein: Mass, performed by the Orchestre de Paris and conducted by Wayne Marshall

Conducted by Wayne Marshall, the Orchestre de Paris and its choir perform, alongside the Aedes ensemble and the baritone Jubilant Sykes, Bernstein's "Mass". Concert recorded live on 21 March 2018 at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Cité de la Musique Philharmonie 1 Paris

Composed by \1 in 1971, Mass is a delirious, monumental and transgressive mass, with electric guitars and the folly of a post-'68 spirit.

Bernstein's Mass is one of the 20th century's plentiful and intriguing works, moving from playful experimentation to musical comedy, from fanfare to gospel. This grand mass is an unidentified musical object, blending jazz, rock, and classical music with drums, electric guitars, synthesizers, carried by a freedom of spirit, giving the impression of a limitless happening. The Three Meditations are also a moment of peace, calm, and great purity. But one must not forget the work's immense choir and organ, not to mention the 24 vocal soloists, the celebrant (Jubilant Sykes), as much lyrical baritone as preacher or Hollywood crooner, and of course the talented conductor, Wayne Marshall. And above all, an unbridled and jubilant energy from an energetic and energising orchestra.