The Orchestre National de France performs Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev with the pianist Beatrice Rana

Live video concert: the pianist Beatrice Rana performs Prokofiev's Piano Concerto no.3 with the Orchestre National de France, conducted by Emmanuel Krivine. In the second half of the programme, Piotr IlyitchTchaikovsky's Symphony n°5.

Auditorium de Radio France

Live from the Radio France Auditorium (Paris), the Orchestre National de France, under the direction of \1 performs Foules, symphonic poem symphonique by Pierre-Octave Ferroud, the _Symphon_y no.5 by \1 and the Piano Concerto no.3 by \1 with Beatrice Rana

Without a doubt the most famous of Prokofiev's five piano concertos, the third was composed between 1913 and 1921. Performed for the first time in Chicago the same year as its completion, the composer noted that the audience "barely understood the work, but were nonetheless enthusiastic". Only when Prokofiev returned to Europe did the work truly receive the success it deserved.

Similarly, Tchaikovsky's _Symphon_y no.5 did not receive immediate success. Widely criticised byt the press following its first performance in St Petersburg in 1888, under the direction of the composer, the symphony was acclaimed in Hamburg several months later, most notably by Johanns Brahms, present during its performance.