Mozart, Mendelssohn And Chopin By Aaron Pilsan At Le Louvre’s Auditorium

Three masters on show

Auditorium, Musée du Louvre, Paris

Aaron Pilsan began learning piano at the age of five. His talent became apparent early on, and he was taken under the wing of the German pianist and conductor Lars Vogt. Today, his name is becoming ever more present in the classical music scene, this concert at the Auditorium de Louvre being testament to that fact. The concert begins with Sonata No. 13 in B flat Major K 333 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, followed by Rondo capriccioso in E Major Op. 14 Felix Mendelssohn. Next, we hear Chopin’s immensely difficult Étude No. 12 Op. 10 and his Lullaby in D flat Major. When hearing the last piece of the concert, you may be forgiven for thinking your phone is ringing. Th Rondo alla turca by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was often used as a ringtone in the early 2000s… however, fear not, the sounds are coming from the excellent performing of Aaron Pilsan, not your pocket!