Mater Dolorosa (Our Lady Of Sorrows) By The Mora Vocis Ensemble

Musical interpretations of the resurrection story

Eglise des Billettes, Paris

At the Église des Billettes in Paris, a concert using only female voices explores the moment Mary and the other women discovers Jesus’s empty tomb. This concert celebrates the women who were the first witnesses of the resurrection of Christ. Throughout the concert we hear works by modern composer Caroline Marçot and Ivan Moody. Chants from throughout the age are sung in-between each of the modern works, beginning with anonymously written Quis dabit capiti meo. After this we hear Marçot’s first Femmes au tombeau work, Mem. Stabat iuxta crucem is followed by Ivan Moody’s Troparion de Casein, then the anonymously written Cum transisset sabbatum. The next of Marçot’s work, Taw, is followed by two chants Heu, quantus est noster dolor and Alleluya V / Dulce lignum, before her next work, Nun, is played. Four anonymous works follow: Tu es Pater, Heu me misera, Sedit Angelus and Victimae Pascali laudes. In between Marçot’s next works, Aleph, You and Mem, are more chants. Ave Verum; Mater Patris et Filia; O Maria O Maria In veritate; and Ave maris Stella round off this sombre concert. Experience this holy tribute to the female voice.