Sibelius & Berlioz, by Hilary Hahn and the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, conducted by Mikko Franck

Conducted by Mikko Franck, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France performs the "Violin Concerto in d minor" op.47 by Jean Sibelius with Hilary Hahn, and the "Symphonie fantastique" op.14 by Hector Berlioz. Concert recorded live on 2 May at the Radio France Auditorium in Paris.

Maison de la Radio, Paris

A programme of orchestral masterpieces. First the Violin Concerto in d minor op.47 by Jean Sibelius, composed and revised between 1903 and 1905. Traditionally a work meant to highlight the solo violin (such is the essence of a violin concerto), Sibelius's Concerto questions the very balance existing between the solo violin and the orchestra, affording the latter an important role, rich in thematic material almost to the point of matching the solo voice... a true concerto "for violin and orchestra".

Following this, the (in)famous Symphonie fantastique op. 14 by Hector Berlioz, a legendary work in the symphonic repertoire with countless themes, and surprising melodic and rhythmic ideas. With an unprecedented style of orchestral expression and colour, the symphonic ensemble gained new strength through the music of Hector Berlioz.

Concert performed live on 2 May 2019 live from the Radio France Auditorium in Paris, with Hilary Hahn and conducted by Mikko Franck.