The Orchestre National de France performs Moussorgsky, Dvořák, and Rachmaninoff with Nikolaï Lugansky

Conducted by Emmanuel Krivine, the Orchestre National de France performs the overture to Moussorgsky's La Khovantchina, Dvořák's Symphony no.8, and Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto with Nikolaï Lugansky. Recorded on 18 October 2018 at the Radio France Auditorium, Paris.

Maison de la Radio, Paris

A programme with a strong Slavic theme perhaps, but unquestionably diverse in nature: what could be more different from Rachnmaninoff's gracious Piano Concerto no.2 than the roughness of Moussorgsky's overture to La Khovantchina? What could be further from the Russian melancholy than the dancing rhythms of Dvořák's Symphony no.8?

Concert programme

Modeste MoussorgskiLa Khovantchina (overture)
Sergueï RachmaninovPiano concerto no.2
Anton DvořákSymphony no.8

Nikolaï Lugansky piano
Orchestre National de France
Emmanuel Krivine conductor