Johannes Ockeghem And Pierre De La Rue : Requiem, By Diabolus In Musica And Antoine Guerber

Two Renaissance greats in the Louvre’s Auditorium.

Oratoire, Louvre, Paris

The works in this concert were among the first Requiems to be written in polyphonic form. The men choir Diabolus in Musica treat these works by Johannes Ockeghem and Pierre de La Rue with great care, led by Antoine Guerber. And the interpretation has to be particularly saluted here as these works are particularly difficult to sing. The vocal register’ depth and height is challenging, and the polyphonic score demands perfect timing of the singers. As some of the most celebrated composers of their day, the works of La Rue and Ockeghem demonstrate mastery, power and virtuosity, as well as deep emotion. Antoine Guerber and Diabolus in Musica offer a fluid interpretation of these early Polyphonic Requiems of the late fifteenth century, which illustrate the slow and harmonious musical transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.