Haydn And Nikodijevic At Philharmonie de Paris With The Armida Quartett

Two contrasting works for quartet

Amphithéâtre, Philharmonie 2, Paris

Hearing the same form of music from different eras heard side by side can often encourage greater appreciation of both forms. The concert at the Philharmonie de Paris presents two performances of quartet pieces from different time periods in very different styles. The first work is String Quartet Op. 33 No. 6 by Joseph Haydn, which itself is different to most other quartet pieces. Written as a dance, the work has the embellishments one would expect from a performance of theatre or ballet rather than a quartet work. Closing the concert, we hear Tiefenrausch for string quartet by Marko Nikodijevic. With a background in maths and physics (as well as music) Nikodijevic uses alternative techniques to get original sounds from the instruments. Listen to this concert to hear two very different sides of quartet composing.