Franck, Rossini And Saint-Saëns By Paul Goussot, Lidija Bizjak And Marina Chiche At The Musée D’Orsay

A performance revolving around organ swells

Auditorium, Musée d'Osay, Paris

Rarely is the melodeon featured in a piece of music. Much more often it is used in a comical setting or to mimic an accordion. This concert begins with a wonderful piece featuring this instrument: Trio on a Canzone by Stradella for Piano, Violin and Melodeon by Jules Emile David Cohen. Following this, we hear another rare instrument, the harmonium. Cézar Franck’s piece fugue and variations for piano and harmonium, Op. 18 is an interesting piece that does a great deal to highlight the unique sound of the harmonium. Continuing with the harmonium feature, we hear Small Solemn Mass (extract): Religious Prelude During the Offering for Harmonium and Piano by Gioacchino Rossini. Next, we hear Six Duets for Harmonium and Piano Op. 8: Cavatine Scherzo by Camille Saint-Saëns. After, Camille Saint-Saëns and Paul Goussot’s Havanese in E Major Op. 83, Arrangement for Violin, Harmonium and Piano is played. Finally, an excerpt from Thaïs: meditation (act II), Reduction for Violin and Piano by Jules Massenet rounds of this fascinating concert displaying a range of keyboard instruments.