Fauré Quintet And Brahms Sextet At The Deauville Easter Festival 2017

Strong sounds from four and six


Composition for quartet, quintet and sextet are one of the more favoured methods of composition of many composers. It allows them to paint well-coloured pictures of the melodies they imagine without the clutter and organisational chaos of an orchestral work. The Deauville Easter Festival 2017 hosts world-class instrulentists who perform two pieces of exceptional quintet and sextet composition. 

First we hear Fauré's Quintet for piano and strings n° 2 in C minor opus 115 which offers a strong and convincing exposé of a Classical-Romantic style. Second comes the Brahms' String Sextet no.2 in G Major Op. 36. The extra cello of a quintet adds a comforting bass over which the violins project wonderful melodies.