Dowland, Holbourne And Others At The Baroque Festival of Sablé Conducted By Adrien Espinouze

“The voyage from London to Constantinople”

Eglise Notre-Dame, Sablé-sur-Sarthe

At the end of the 16th century, England was in a precarious situation. Threatened by Spain, it was required to find itself commercial allies in Europe and further afield. Queen Elizabeth therefore sought to strengthen relations with the ottoman empire, which became a fruitful partnership. This concert is a reflection of such a partnership, featuring music from the time from both empires. 

First we hear two works by Anthony Holborne: Bona Speranza and The Night Watch. Three Ottoman works come next, Mecmûa-I Sâz ü söz’s Ey Seh-i melek Cefâ u cevr, Danse de Chypre by Mandra and Nihavend PeSrev by Gazi Giray Han II. Holbourne’s The Choice comes next, followed by some more Ottoman works: PeSrev Huseyni, Isfahan rûy-i nevâ saz and Semaisi, all by Gazi Giray Han II. Next we hear Come Again by John Dowland, Seha zülfün beni by Dervis Frenk Mustafa and Eger sen kerem idib dirsen by Mecmûa-I Sâz ü söz. The Funeralls by Holborne is followed by Hear me, oh Lord by Alfonso Ferrabosco. An anonymous work called Kudumun rahmeti zevku comes before My Self by Anthony Holborne. Next, Rahatü’l - ervah PeSrev by Sultan II Bâyezîd and Gelse nesîm-i subh ile by Murad Sultan IV is hear. Holbourne’s The Fruit of Love, The Honey-Suckle, Hermoza and Muy Linda are heard next. Finally, Kürdi pesrev by Sehzâde Korkut, Can she excuse my wrongs and Now, o now, my needs must part by John Dowland and Hem kamer hem zühre vü by Acemler close the concert.