The Diotima Quartet Live From The Georges Pompidou Centre, Manifeste Festival 2017

An eerie array of electrical acoustic music

Georges Pompidou Center, Paris

As part of the Manifeste Festival concert of June 2017, the Diotima Quartet take to the stage of the Georges Pompidou Centre. They perform an array of contemporary pieces utilising electronic equipment and alternative instrumental techniques. The concert is sometimes hypnotic, sometimes spooky, and always obscure. 

The first piece, Elogio de la Sombra by Alberto Posadas is inspired by the writer J. L. Borges and reflects on blindness and mortality in old age. It recreates the dread of death through modern instrumental techniques. This is followed by Distant Voices by Toshio Hosokawa - a much slower and thought-provoking piece about the mundane pace of life. Next, Ashley Fure’s piece, Anima, uses electrical conductors to create a crescendo of reverberation that will leave your ears ringing. Finally, and also using electrical conductors, Mauro Lanza’s piece tells the spooky story of the 1987 max headroom broadcast incident (after which the piece is named).