Antonio Draghi & Leonardo García Alarcón - "El Prometeo" (Cappella Mediterranea & Namur Chamber Choir)

The Cappella Mediterranea and the Namur Chamber Choir, conducted by Leonardo García Alarcón and Thibaut Lenaerts, perform "El Prometeo" by Antonio Draghi and Leonardo García Alarcón. Concert performed live on 15 June 2018 at the Dijon Opera.

Opéra de Dijon

A veritable renaissance, a rebirth, the music of Antonio Draghi and his opera El Prometeo is heard once again after almost 350 years of silence! An opera initially in three acts, the last of these disappeared over the course of the three and a half centuries. Unsatisfied with the idea of simply staging the work in its incomplete state, the opera's final act was re-imagined by Leonardo García Alarcón, founder, director, and conductor of the Cappella Mediterranea. The stage direction by Laurent Delvert, inspired by the sketches of the late Gustavo Tambascio, unites both man and god in an intrigue worthy of the period's finest Venetian operas, with a sombre yet symbolically rich decoration, a visual access to the emotional and psychological state of the characters on stage.