Celebrating 30 Years Of The Orchestre National de Jazz

Celebrating The Orchestre National de Jazz’s 30th anniversary at La Villette.

Salle des concerts, Cité de la musique, Philharmonie de Paris

In this truly special concert, thirty years of the Orchestre National de Jazz’s repertoire is covered over the course of a single evening, demonstrating the and ambitious nature of the band. At first, the current conductor, Olivier Benoit, presents his new creation: Europa Berlin. This a musical and artistic exploration of the German capital with the pieces, L'Effacement Des Traces, Metonymy, Revolution, 22M 5ST, Obliteration, Misuse and Persistence of oblivion

Created in 1986 at the behest of the Ministry of Culture, the ONJ has experienced ten conductors in thirty years. Next, each of them take to the stage to revive their repertoires created over the years. François Jeanneau, Antoine Hervé, Claude Barthelemy, Denis Badault, Laurent Cugny, Didier Levallet, Paolo Damiani, Franck Tortiller, Daniel Yvinec and Olivier Benoit lead the ONJ in turn. The program features François Jeanneau's Lacriming Jazz, Antoine Hervé's Desert City, Claude Barthélemy's Real Politik, Denis Badault's Later (accompanied by flutist and singer Elise Caron), Laurent Cugny's In Tempo, Didier Levallet's Out Of, Argentiera by Paolo Damiani. A second performance by Claude Barthélemy (who returned to the ONJ in 2002) feature’s his performance Oud Oud, then Franck Tortiller and his Waltz 2 take to the stage before Daniel Yvinec who conducts Shipbuilding, composed by Declan MacManus and Clive Langer. The concert closes with Paris V by Olivier Benoit.