Carissimi, Frescobaldi And Moultaka By Maria Cristina Kiehr and Concerto Soave

An exploration of early Baroque voice

Salle de l'Esplanade, Arsenal, Metz

Hear the sublime voice of Maria Cristina Kiehr performing the pinnacle of late Renaissance and early Baroque vocal composition. Discover some of the great composers of that time including Girolamo Frescobaldi, a keyboard composer and organist of the Vatican’s Saint Peter’s Basilica. 

Alongside these renowned works are a few anonymous scores from that time. In testament to their beauty, they have survived the ages despite the fact their composers are still unknown to this day. The concert opens with Incipit Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae by Giacomo Carissimi; followed by Jod, Manum suam and Capriccio, both by Girolamo Frescobaldi; De Lamentatione, by an unknown composer; Exercices de lumière by Zad Moultaka and finally, Incipit Oratio Jeremiae Prophetae by another unknown name. Dive into the unique atmosphere of this chapel in the back streets of Baroque-era Rome with these beautiful hymns and songs.