Beethoven By The Takács Quartet In The Louvre's Auditorium

Four string quartet pieces spanning the breadth of Beethoven’s style

Louvre's Auditorium, Paris

Join the Takács Quartet in exploring the genius of Beethoven’s Quartet composition surrounded by some of the world’s greatest artworks in the Auditorium of the Louvre. Certainly, Beethoven’s work merits being shown among such artistic genius and the Takács Quartet are the players with the gifts to do so. 

The concert opens with one of Beethoven’s brightest and most satisfying piece, No. 6 in Bb Major with the strict instructions of Beethoven to be played “with the greatest delicacy!” The sombre No. 16 in F Major that follows is the final major work to be completed by Beethoven before his death. After the Quartet play No. 9 in C major - a piece commissioned by Andrey Razumovsky, then the Russian ambassador to Vienna. Finally, the evening is rounded off with the work which Beethoven never heard in its final form, dying a month before its debut. The Quartet no. 13 in Bb major is a work which reflects Beethoven’s compositional indecision at the time. Today, you can sit above the criticism of the time and marvel at the works of a man who was of unparalleled genius in his time.