Beethoven, Schumann And Liszt By Philippe Bianconi

Gaiety and gloom: from countryside calm and carnival thrill to funerary woe and marital bliss

Salle Rameau, Lyon

Opening with a piano sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven oscillating between restful and agitated notes, the concert leads into Carnaval, an excited and cheerful opus by Robert Schumann. Descending temporarily into the sombre melancholy of Franz Liszt’s Funérailles (from Poetic & Religious Harmonies), the spectator is conducted into Liszt’s Third Year of Pilgrimage and invited to gaze upon the majesty of The Fountains of the Villa d’Este before coming to a conclusion with two of Liszt’s waltzes and his Davidbündlertänze, inspired by Polish folk dancing. The final three numbers highlight love at its most nascent; a frenetic first encounter, the budding of romance and the sway of a wedding eve. 

Performed by celebrated and award-winning French pianist Philippe Bianconi.