40 Years Of IRCAM At The Centre Georges Pompidou

Polyphonic performance spanning the ages

Grande Salle, Centre Pompidou, Paris

The Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) is a French institute of science that focuses on alternative music and sound and avant-garde electro-acoustical art music. The Georges Pompidou Centre hosts the concert celebrating forty years of the institute. It features one new work and a second recent work by Spanish composer Alberto Posadas. These compositions explore themes at the very core of the IRCAM’s raison d’être - contemporary acoustical polyphonic music. 

The concert begins with Posadas’s new piece, La Lumière du Noir, which demonstrates the considerable skills of timing and delicacy of the Ensemble Linea. Next, we cast our minds back to the Renaissance period and hear Tenebrae Responsories by Tomas Luis de Victoria, which shows us the roots of polyphonic scoring. Finally, we hear a contemporary response to de Victoria, also by Posadas. This piece demands the most careful listening to hear the melodic echoes of Renaissance work in his dissonant piece.