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Repassez-moi l'standard... "September Song" written by Kurt Weill & lyrics by Maxwell Anderson (1935)

"Comme disait Nougaro dans sa chanson "l'île de Ré" le mois de septembre est le mois le plus tendre "Repassez-moi l'standard propose "September song" célèbre chanson de Kurt Weill (1900-1950) & Maxwell Anderson (1888-1959) pour la comédie musicale "Knickerbocker Holiday" crée en 1938" Laurent Valero

Repassez-moi l'standard... "September Song" written by Kurt Weill & lyrics by Maxwell Anderson (1935)
Maxwell Anderson, Alan Paton and Kurt Weill (20 septembre 1950), © Hagelmeyer

The one and only Jimmy Durante sings "September Song" written by Kurt Weill & Maxwell Anderson for the 1938 Broadway show "Knickerbocker Holiday"...

Andy Williams sings : "September Song" in "The Andy Williams Show" 15.10.1963...

Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December   
But the days grow short when you reach September...

♫Repassez-moi l'standard – Générique 

Label Bleu
Label Bleu

♪Stefano Bollani, piano solo :Bar Biturico – De l'album "Les Fleurs Bleues (2001)" – Label Bleu ‎LBLC 6635 

♫Repassez-moi l'standard – Programme

Celeste Holm presents Walter Huston the Oscar for Supporting Actor for : "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" at the 21st Academy Awards in 1949...

Label Body & Soul
Label Body & Soul

♪Walter Huston, voix. Orchestre Victor Young : "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l'album "L'Age d'or des comédies musicales : Broadway (1919-1946)" – Label Body & Soul 3060422

Recorded in June 1955, Paris, France...

♪Henri Crolla, guitare. Maurice Meunier, clarinette. Maurice Vander, piano. Emmanuel Sourdieux, basse. Jacques David, batterie : "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album "Henri Crolla ‎– Quand Refleuriront Les Lilas Blancs ? (2002)" – Label Gitanes Jazz Productions 018 418-2

Label Mosaic Records
Label Mosaic Records

♪Ray Nance, voix. Orchestre Duke Ellington : "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l'Anthologie "Duke Ellington – The Complete Capitol Recordings Of Duke Ellington (1995)" – Label Mosaic Records MD5-160

_..._When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame   
One hasn't got time for the waiting game...

♪Frank Sinatra, voix. Orchestre direction Axel Stordhal : "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album "Frank Sinatra – Point Of No Return(1961) – Label Capitol Records 4 97004 2

Recorded in october 1956, at the Forum Theater, Los Angeles, California (USA)...

 Label Pacific Jazz
Label Pacific Jazz

♪Chico Hamilton, batterie. John Pisano, guitare. Paul Horn, clarinette. Fred Katz, violoncelle. Carson Smith, basse : "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album "Chico Hamilton Quintet – Pacific Jazz 1225 (1957)"– LP label Pacific Jazz PJ 1225

Ella Fitzgerald sings from The Columbia Pictures Film "Let No Man Write My Epitaph" was originally released as MG V-4043 in 1960...

Label Verve Records
Label Verve Records

♪Ella Fitzgerald, voix & Paul Smith, piano :"September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l'album "Ella Fitzgerald Sings Songs From Let No Man Write My Epitaph (1960)' – LP label Verve Records MG V-4043

Label Ricordi
Label Ricordi

♪Laura Betti, voix. Ensemble direction Bruno Maderna : "September Song (1938)" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album "Laura Betti – Kurt Weill 1933-1950 (1963)" – LP label Ricordi SMRL 6032

♪Lee Hazlewood, voix. Orchestre direction David Whitaker : "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album "Lee Hazlewood  ‎– Forty (1969)" – LP label LHI Records 12009

Produced by James Brown, original recording by King Records, Cincinnati, Ohio USA...

♪James Brown, voix. Orchestre Louie Bellson direction Oliver Nelson : "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album "James Brown – Soul On Top (1970) – LP label King Records KS 1100 

...Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few   
September, November...

♪Dizzy Gillespie, trompette. Joe Pass, guitare. Ray Brown, basse. Mickey Roker, batterie & basse : "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album Dizzy’s Big 4 (Pablo / 1974) – LabelConcordMusic 088872346116

Label Virgin
Label Virgin

♪Brian Ferry, voix. Cynthia Millar, Ondes Martenot. Nicholas Bucknall, Timothy Lines, David White, clarinettes. Nils Soberg, guitare. Hugh Webb, harpe. Chris Lawrence, basse : "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album "Bryan Ferry ‎– As Time Goes By (1999)" – Label Virgin ‎7243 8 48270 2

"September Song" was played on the "Alfred Brendel - Steinway D" and  recorded by Klaus Scheuermann, June 18, 2012 at the ACT Gallery in  Berlin, Germany...

Label ACT
Label ACT

♪Iiro Rantala, piano solo :"September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album "Iiro Rantala ‎– My History Of Jazz (2012)" – Label ACT 9531-2

Dee Dee Bridgewater's own arrangement of "September Song," from her 2002 Brecht/Weill tribute album "This Is New" on Verve...

♪Dee Dee Bridgewater, voix. Thierry Eliez, piano. Antonio Hart, sax alto. Nicolas Folmer, trompette. Denis Leloup, trombone. Louis Winsberg, guitare. Minino Garay, percussions. André Ceccarelli, batterie: "September Song" (Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson) – De l’album "Dee Dee Bridgewater ‎– This Is New (2002)" – Label Verve Records ‎314 016 884-2

...And these few precious days I'll spend with you   
These precious days I'll spend with you.

La programmation musicale :
  • 19h00
    September song - WALTER HUSTON
    Walter Huston

    September Song

    Album Broadway : L'âge d'or des comédies musicales (1914-1946) Label Body And Soul (3060422)
  • 19h04
    September song - HENRI CROLLA
    Henri CrollaGuitare

    September Song

    Lalos Bing : Piano, Emmanue Soudieux : Contrebasse, Jacques David : Percussions
    Album Quand refleuriront les lilas blancs? Label Gitanes Jazz Productions (018418-2) Année 2002
  • 19h08
    September song - DUKE ELLINGTON
    Duke Ellington

    September Song

    Album The Capitol sessions 1953-1955 Label Definitive Records (DRCD11361)
  • 19h12
    September song - FRANK SINATRA
    Frank Sinatra

    September Song

    Axel Stordahl : chef d'orchestre
    Album Point of no return Label Capitol (7483342) Année 1961
  • 19h16
    September song - CHICO HAMILTON
    Chico HamiltonBatterie

    September Song

    Kurt Weill : compositeur, Paul Horn : Clarinette, Flûte traversière, John Pisano : Guitare, Fred Katz : Violoncelle, Carson Smith : Contrebasse, Maxwell Anderson : auteur
    Album Kurt Weill's Songs Label Frémeaux & Associés (FA5695) Année 2018
  • 19h21
    September song - ELLA FITZGERALD
    Ella Fitzgerald

    September Song

    Paul Smith : Piano
    Album The intimate Ella Label Verve (839838-2) Année 1960
  • 19h25
    September song - NAT KING COLE
    Nat King Cole

    September Song

    Kurt Weill : compositeur, Maxwell Anderson : compositeur, Ralph Carmichael : chef d'orchestre, Shearing George Quintet
    Album Nat King Cole sings / George Shearing plays Label Capitol (CPAPI 7483322) Année 1987
  • 19h28
    September song - LAURA BETTI
    Laura Betti

    September Song

    Weill Kurt : compositeur, Bruno Maderna : chef d'orchestre, Non Identifié
    Album Laura Betti chante Kurt Weill Label Ricordi (ORL8028) Année 1964
  • 19h33
    September song - LEE HAZLEWOOD
    Lee Hazlewood

    September Song

    Album Lee Hazlewood industries / I was born running wild the victim of a woman child / Vol.2 / 1966-1971 Label Light In The Attic Records (LITA 109/2) Année 2013
  • 19h39
    September song - Maxwell Anderson, Kurt Weill
    James Brown

    September Song

    Maxwell Anderson : compositeur, Kurt Weill : compositeur, James Brown (voix), Louie Belson Orchestra, Oliver Nelson (direction)
    Album Soul on top Label Verve Année 2004
  • 19h44
    September song - DIZZY GILLESPIE
    Dizzy GillespieTrompette

    September Song

    Joe Pass : Guitare, Mickey Roker : Basse, Brown Ray : Batterie
    Album Dizzy's big 4 Label Concord Music Group (0888072346116) Année 2013
  • 19h48
    September song - BRYAN FERRY
    Bryan Ferry

    September Song

    Album As time goes by Label Virgin (8482702) Année 1999
  • 19h51
    September song - IIRO RANTALA
    Iiro RantalaPiano

    September Song

    Lars Danielson : Basse, Morten Lund : Percussions, Adam Baldych : Violon
    Album My history of jazz Label Act Music & Vision (9531-2) Année 2012
  • 19h54
    September song - DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER
    Dee Dee Bridgewater

    September Song

    Album This is New Label Verve (016 884-2) Année 2002
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