Repassez-moi l'standard
Programmation musicale
Dimanche 28 octobre 2018
58 min

Repassez-moi l'standard... "Con Alma" written by Dizzy Gillespie

"One of the greatest jazz trumpeters of all time. His beret and horn-rimmed spectacles, his scat singing, his bent horn, pouched cheeks and his light-hearted personality were essential in popularizing bebop" Alyn Shipton, Gillespie's biographer

Dizzy's accompagné de José Manguel (bongos); Gilberto Valdez (flûte); Rafael Miranda (percussion), René Hernandez (piano); et Ubaldo Nieto (timbales). Enregistré le 3 juin 1954 à Fine Sound, New York. (Verve Records)

"Gillespie's trumpet featured a bell which bent upward at a 45-degree angle. This was the result of accidental damage caused by the dancers Stump and Stumpy falling onto it while it was on a trumpet stand on stage at Snookie's in Manhattan on January 6, 1953, during a birthday party for Gillespie's wife Lorraine Willis" Alyn Shipton, Gillespie's biographer

L'équipe de l'émission :