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Mardi 14 juillet 2015

Par Yvan Amar ... Billy Strayhorn aurait 100 ans !

« A Train was born without any effort - if was like writing a letter to a friend ! » Billy Strayhorn /// « Billy Strayhorn, to me, stands alone with Duke Ellington as a model of what having it all together is all about, where your technique is second nature and is driven by passion alone » Quincy Jones

Billy Strayhorn aurait 100 ans ! ©Billy Strayhorn Songs Inc.
Billy Strayhorn aurait 100 ans ! ©Billy Strayhorn Songs Inc., © Autre

Billy Strayhorn was born November 29, 1915 in Dayton, Ohio. In 1938 he approached Duke Ellington with one of his compositions, "Lush Life", and the two worked together from then on many works ...

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CD label JAZZ TRIBUNE 89274
CD label JAZZ TRIBUNE 89274, © Autre

♫►Duke Ellington : Take the "A" Train
♫►Billy Strayhorn & Duke Ellington : Chelsea Bridge
♫►Duke Ellington : Raincheck
( Billy Strayhorn )
Extrait de l'album " Never No Lament : The Blanton-Webster Band "
Télécharger ici ! CD label JAZZ TRIBUNE 89274

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The history of the family of William Thomas Strayhorn, his mother called him "Bill" goes back over a hundred years in Hillsborough, North Carolina. One set of great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Craig, lived behind the present Farmer's Exchange. A great grand-mother was the cook for Robert E. Lee ...

 CD label IMPULSE 254 617-2
CD label IMPULSE 254 617-2, © Autre

♫►John Coltrane, Johnny Hartman, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones : Lush Life
( Billy Strayhorn )
Extrait de l'album " John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman "
Télécharger ici ! CD label IMPULSE 254 617-2

[ Billy Strayhorn however, was born](http://www.billystrayhorn.com/about.php) in Dayton, Ohio in 1915. His mother, Lillian Young Strayhorn, brought her children to Hillsborough often. Billy was attracted to the piano that his grandmother, Elizabeth Craig Strayhorn owned. He played it from the moment he was tall enough to reach the keys ...

CD label RIVERSIDE OJC20 108 2
CD label RIVERSIDE OJC20 108 2 , © Autre

♫►Billy Strayhorn & Duke Ellington : Tonk
( Duke Ellington / Billy Strayhorn )
Extrait de l'album " Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn ‎– Piano Duets - Great Times ! "
Télécharger ici ! CD label RIVERSIDE OJC20 108-2

►In 1923, Billy Strayhorn entered the first grade in a little wooden school house, since destroyed. Soon after that, however, his mother moved her family to Pittsburgh to join Billy's father, James Nathaniel Strayhorn. Mr. Strayhorn had gotten a job there as a gas-maker and wire-puller ...

CD label BLUEBIRD 86751
CD label BLUEBIRD 86751, © Autre

♫►Johnny Hodges & Duke Ellington : Daydream
( Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington & John Latouche )
Extrait de l'album " The Great Ellington Units "
Télécharger ici ! CD label BLUEBIRD 86751

►Charlotte Catlin began to give Billy Strayhorn private piano lessons. He played the piano everyday, sometimes becoming so engrossed that he would be late for his job. He also played in the high school band ...

CD label JAZZ BMG 74321257622
CD label JAZZ BMG 74321257622 , © Autre

♫►Johnny Hodges & Duke Ellington : Blood Count
♫►Duke Ellington & Terry Clark : U.M.M.G
( Billy Strayhorn )
Extrait de l'album " Duke Ellington ...And His Mother Called Him Bill "
Télécharger ici ! CD label JAZZ BMG 74321257622

►His father enrolled him in the Pittsburgh Musical Institute where he studied classical music. He had more classical training than most jazz musicians of his time. Strayhorn for a time he coached Lena Horne in classical music to broaden her knowledge and improve her style of singing ...

CD label COLUMBIA 469 140-2
CD label COLUMBIA 469 140-2, © Autre

♫►Johnny Hodges, Paul Gonsalves & Duke Ellington : The Star-Crossed Lovers
( Billy Strayhorn )
Duke Ellington & Quentin Jackson : Sonnet for Sister Kate
( Billy Strayhorn & Duke Ellington )
Extrait de l'album " Such Sweet Thunder " 1957
Télécharger ici ! CD label COLUMBIA 469 140 2

**He toured the world with Ellington's band and for a brief time lived in Paris. Some of Strayhorn's compositions are "Chelsea Bridge," "Day Dream," "Johnny Come Lately," "Rain Check" and "Clementine " The pieces most frequently played are Ellington's theme song, "Take the A Train" and Ellington's signatory, "Lotus Blossom" ...* *

CD label VERVE 840 032-2
CD label VERVE 840 032-2, © Autre

♫►Cecil Taylor Quartet : Johnny Come Lately
( Billy Strayhorn )
Extrait de l'album " Jazz-Club • Piano "
Télécharger ici ! CD label VERVE 840 032-2

**He and Ellington composed the "Queen's Suite" and gave the only pressing to Queen Elizabeth of England.
In 1946, Strayhorn received the Esquire Silver Award for outstanding arranger. In 1965, the Duke Ellington Jazz Society asked him to present a concert at New York's New School ... * *

CD label NONESUCH 7559 79395-2
CD label NONESUCH 7559 79395-2 , © Autre

♫►Fred Hersch : Lament for an Orchid
♫►Fred Hersch : Lotus Blossom
( Billy Strayhorn )
Featuring : Fred Hersch (piano), John Beal (bass), Joyce Hammann (violin), Lois Martin
Extrait de l'album " Passion Flower "
Télécharger ici ! CD label NONESUCH 7559 79395-2

►In 1967, Billy Strayhorn died of cancer. Duke Ellington's response to his death was to record one of his greatest works, a collection titled "And His Mother Called Him Bill" consisting entirely of Billy's compositions. A scholarship fund was established for him by Ellington and the Julliard School of Music.

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